Overweight Pregnant Women Problems

Overweight pregnant woman may become a serious problem that has to be solved by some pregnant women in order to keep mother and their fetus’ health during the pregnancy. As we know together that pregnancy becomes a vital phase of some women in order to become a

Detailed Comprehension on Chicken Pox Mechanism

Chicken pox mechanism becomes something important that has to be known by some people on a kind of common disease which named as chicken pox in order to get best medication to recover from this disease. In this recent time, there are some kinds of disease that

The Best Medication for Chicken Pox Scars Problem

Chicken pox scars may become something that is getting avoided by some people to be owned in their life since it may able to make their skin look gets worse. As for many people, having perfect look or appearance becomes something that wanted to be owned in

Understanding Hay Fever and the Treatments

Hay fever is not an actual fever. It is a allergic disorder due to immune system that respond to pollen or other substances. The correct term of hay fever is allergic rhinitis. The substance that causes an allergic reaction is called an allergen. The common symptoms of

Pollen Allergy Home Remedies

Pollen is a microscopic powdery of flowering plants. Pollen help trees, weeds and grasses in fertilizing mechanism. That pollen can attack our immune system and become pollen allergic. The symptom of pollen allergic including sneezing, watery eyes and runny nose. Of course there are available many medicines

First Aid for Scratched Cornea Treatment

Eyes are sensitive organ of the body. A further study said that the density of pain receptor in cornea is 300 times greater than, this mean when something accidentally hit or lodge in your eye you certainly will feel massive discomfort and pain. The cornea play an

Scratched Cornea Symptoms and Causes

Cornea is the clear surface of the eyes. The cornea is important in protecting the eyes. It covered the iris, a layer that colored the eyes and pupil, the black tiny circle in the center of the eyes. If some objects such as dirt or sand get

Several Facts of Allergy Eye Drops

Allergy eye drops are a medicine to treat symptoms of eye allergies. There are many kinds of eye drops for different symptoms and allergies. Determining the eye allergies is depends on the eye condition. The common allergies are dryness, redness, infection, itching, tearing, swelling and mattering. Eye

Ibuprofen vs. Paracetamol, Which One the Best?

For many years both Ibuprofen and Paracetamol has been a trusty medicine to cure fever, cold and as painkiller. Paracetamol is the older medicine compared to Ibuprofen. Both work well in order dealing with fever and pain for baby, children and adult. Both of the medicine will

Common Fever Treatment and Medicine

Fever is a common disease that can attack anyone from baby to adult. Fever itself is actually a way of your body as a defense system of bacteria or viruses. In this condition, body temperature will rise by 1°C and will be normal. But if the body

Fever Mechanism, Causes and Symptoms

Fever is a condition that characterized by high body temperature above normal. The normal human body temperature itself is 37°C. The fever is not considered as medical threat if the rise of body heat is only 1°C. The rise of body temperature is actually a fever mechanism

Pollen Allergy Relief without Medicine

Pollen allergy is a seasonal allergy that usually happened in certain time in a year. Pollen is a powdery grain that release from flowering plants in purpose of their reproductive. There are many types of pollen allergy and sources such as trees, grasses and weeds. The powders

How to Make Natural Sunscreen Homemade for Face

There are so many good beaches in America. Beach is one of the most favorite places among the people. Most of people spend their summer in the beach. They love beaches because it is warm and comfortable. They can do many things at the beach, volleyball, football

Natural Sunscreen Homemade for a Better Life

United States of America is heaven for tourism. It makes you comfortable when you visit it because there are so many beaches there. The weather is warm and calm so that makes you relax when you come in. When summer comes, people are looking for sunlight, so

Crimini Mushrooms Health Benefits for Cooking and Medicine

Mushroom is very good for healthy. Mushroom has so many benefits for our lifestyle. It is classified as the traditional medicine but support the modern medicine. Mostly of mushroom for medicines are sold in dried and filled in the capsules or tablets. But if we are not