What Causes Color Blindness and Several Things We Should Know About It

What causes color blindness becomes one of the most important things to get known by people around this world in order to be able in avoiding the possibility of being color blindness. It is commonly known by people around this world that every part in your body

Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo Definition

Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo or sometimes being called as BPPV becomes something that believed to be the main cause of Vertigo disease. In this modern era there are some kinds of diseases that are able to threat people’s health. Recent time, vertigo is being considered as one

Get Healthy Body with Yin Yoga Poses Beginners

There are many Yin Yoga poses beginners that can be practiced easily in any places for example, house. Hence, it becomes great time for any beginners who want to start their life. Nowadays, Yoga becomes really popular and favored by many people. There are many reasons that

First Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms that Any Moms Need to Know

Any moms who are in pregnancy must know for any pregnancy symptoms for example, first trimester pregnancy symptoms. It will show some symptoms that are commonly happened on the first trimester of pregnancy phase. There will always anything that is occurred through any pregnant mom. For the

Various Prenatal Yoga Poses

If you feel a great ache on some parts of your body when you are pregnant, you can practice some prenatal yoga poses to get a good benefit for your body. What is prenatal Yoga? It is Yoga for mothers who are pregnant. Generally, there might be

Tons of Bikram Yoga Benefit for Human Health

Actually, there are many kinds of Bikram Yoga Benefit that we can get. What is Bikram Yoga? It is a form of fitness that is known as hot yoga. This yoga technique is founded by Bikram Choudury, this yoga is popular in the early of 1970. Bikram

Scoliosis in Adults Treatments

Depend on the condition of the spineand its risk, Scoliosis in Adult treatment can be done in several ways. Scoliosis patients with degenaritve scoliosis do not need surgery. Non surgical treatment for scoliosis person are to reducing pain, increase strength, improve the balance, flexibility, and increase the

What Cause Scoliosis and Its Impact?

Some questions about what cause Scoliosis for the children is interesting to explain. Some people wonder about the impact of scoliosis, wether scoliosis dangerous or not. Most of scoliosis person is often children and elder. Scoliosis person usually caused by the birth problem, disability, abnormal growth, growing

Idhiophatic Curvature of the Spine

Curvature of the spine or scoliosis is a back problem that causes the back curve to the right or left side. Most of its victims is a children, one of the structural curve of spine that have unknown causes are idiophatic scoliosis. It means that idiophatic scoliosis

Symptoms of Scoliosis and Its Causes

Abnormal curve of the spine is commonly called Symptoms of Scoliosis. The causes of scoliosis itself is unknown for sure. Experts said about 2% of females and 0,5% of males are suffering scoliosis. Scoliosis is getting worse as the patient is growing old. Some types of scoliosis

Vinyasa Flow Yoga : Syncronize Your Movement to Breath

If you are interested learning yoga, you should know some kinds of yoga because every movement of yoga has its special benefits. One kind of yoga movements is vinyasa yoga. Vinyasa flow yoga is a movement that syncronize our movement to the breath. The word flow is

Simple Yoga Poses for Kids

Nowdays, children also need yoga as well adults. It is because a lot of pressure and stress happen to them in  this competitive world.  They can come from the family or schoolhood. For example, they should read  a lot of homework every single day. Their mind will

Many Signs and Symptoms of Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is disease for old human that conditions with reduced bone mineral density, mass, and bone strength. Signs and symptoms of osteoporosis include back pain, weight loss, changes in the spine, hip fracture, arms and other parts of the body, but sometimes we are also not aware

This Is All What Causes Osteoporosis

What causes osteoporosis is basically because that we have minimum of calcium and vitamin D when we grown up. The main causes that arise because of our carelessness, some of them because we eat too much protein from animal like red meat. Protein is one of the

New Treatment for Osteoporosis

Usually treatment for osteoporosis is special, the most preferred which is corrected is with surgery. On the collapse of the spine with severe back pain, given pain medication, mounted supportive back brace and physical therapy. But here I am more interested in the way that I think