Headache During Pregnancy

If the women pregnant, she would be very sensitive about anything. She would be intimate and angry at the same time. It caused of the hormone that increase while they are pregnant. It is not only easy to stress, she would be very susceptible to illness. They

Where is the Ectopic Pregnancy’s Location?

The world is not as crazy as nowadays. Parent in previous period is has a distance in age with their child about 25 years. It is because they are married in that age. So, it means when they are married, they are already in mature age. They

The Symptom of Ectopic Pregnancy Epidemiology

Every single person would be very happy if they have a child. Pregnancy is a Gift from God. There are so many people outside there want to have a child. But it is not a little number that most of them are lost it in the pregnancy

Symptoms of Early Pregnancy Discharge

There are so many people outside there want to have a child. Pregnancy is Gift from God, but it is not a little number that most of them are lost it in the pregnancy times or even they never get pregnant at all. So if you are

Celiac Disease Mechanism

Celiac disease is often confused with food allergy. Actually celiac disease is more specific for it is caused by a damage related to the absorption of nutrient in our body and triggered by specific food component which is gluten. Gluten itself is the proteins in some kinds

Chronic Diarrhea after Eating

Diarrhea is seen by people as familiar disease happen in the daily life. People sometimes take it for granted without realizing that diarrhea can leads to serious disease and health problems. There are two kinds of diarrhea, acute diarrhea and chronic diarrhea. Chronic diarrhea is a serious

Diarrhea in Children

Children are susceptible to get diarrhea. They are easily exposed to the trigger of it because in one hand they may still very dependent to other people which become the “mediator” of the bacteria, and also because they do not know yet about hygiene itself. Diarrhea in

Hives: This is What I Get for My Food Allergies

“I got a red dots all over my body and they are very itchy.” said one after eating a kind of food this afternoon. What comes up in your mind may be true, there is a possibility that this person have food allergies. Food allergies can have

Food Allergy and Asthma

Asthma has a lot of trigger, range from the body itself or outside trigger such as allergy. Food allergy can become one cause for asthma, though only small number of people suffer from this trigger. Food allergies that cause asthma may be life threatening for people. When

Some of Ectopic Pregnancy Prognosis

The world is becoming more polluted nowadays. There are so many disease can attack people. People who have weak immune system will be attacked easily by the viruses. It cannot be avoid if we never watch our lifestyle. No exception with pregnancy. There are so many problems

Ideal Body Weight Man

Do you want to have an ideal body weight? Each person may have different ideal body weight from others. That is why it is very necessary for you to know your ideal body weight before doing some ways to lose or gain your weight. Besides, knowing your

Exercise for Morbidly Obese

Obesity is a health condition that can lead to some serious diseases including heart disease, diabetes, and other health complications. Morbid obesity is defined for people that have a body mass index of over 40 or over 100 pounds overweight. Because morbid obesity can lead medical complications,

Postpartum Stretch Marks

Pregnancy is the most exciting moment experienced by women. However, there are many pregnant women that worry about postpartum stretch marks. Stretch marks occur in about 50 to 90 percent of pregnant women after pregnancy. They occur around the abdomen, arms, thighs, buttocks, and breasts. Stretch marks

Children Allergy to Cats

There are a lot of people not only children but also adults that like to take care of pets at their home including cat. Although there are a lot of people that have cat at their home, many of them may allergy to cats. Do your children

Gym Equipment for Home Use

There are some ways people can do to keep their health. Doing exercise is one of the best ways they do in order to get a healthy body. There are a lot of people may do it by joining a gym. However, it will waste time and